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This site is not just about listing your business, but also about how to get more sales, by fixing your online reputation using Reputation Marketing.

It’s all well and good to advertise, promote, and list your business, but you also need to be aware of your online reputation.

Having good reviews, good star ratings, and a good online reputation does NOT mean that you are any good. It just implies that you are good.

Having no star ratings and no reviews also does NOT mean that you are not good… it just implies that…  this is why your online reputation is so important & this is one of the major ways that we can help you improve your online business.

What is Reputation Marketing and Why is it important?

Your ONLINE reputation is probably the single reason why you get or you don’t get new customers contacting your business online.

Think about it. If a new customer/client/patient doesn’t yet know you & your business or service, how will they find out if you are any good or not?

Easy…They Google you.

Millennials are the new force driving everything, if you are not online you don’t exist and if you’re not good online then you have no hope.

You might be thinking that’s OK I have some good reviews, but that is not what’s most important.

How good are your reviews once compared to others?

Google is a search engine and it doesn’t show your potential new client just your listing, it shows them lots of listings at the same time.

Google was created to be a comparison device. “Which info do you want?” it asks, “This info or that?”. “Which company do you want this company or that?”. That is what Google specializes at… making comparisons.

You & your business are being judged every single day & thousands of times each year. And not once will you ever be notified of this, will you ever find out about it, unless someone actually contacts you.

How many incoming calls do you get each month from your online presence..?

Which then leads to more questions… How good are you when compared to everyone else in your area and your field? This is one of the most important questions. If someone was to judge you online in comparison to everyone else who offers the same product or service as you do, are you the obvious choice? Are you the stand out choice & the easy option? Or do you just blend in with everyone else? What if, you don’t just blend in, but you are actually worse than everyone else? How good are you when you compare your reviews to other companies? If you are not sure, then why not try it now? Google your type of company and your suburb e.g. “Accountant” & “Sutherland” and see what comes up for your field in your suburb. Are you the only one that comes up? No. Are you the best option compared to everyone else? …Do you have the most reviews? …Do you have the best star ratings? …Do you have the most recent ratings? …Do you respond to your customers when they leave reviews?

Once you take everything into account… are you now the best option if someone didn’t know you and was judging you purely on your online reputation?

No one will ever call you and tell you “I was going to use your services but then I noticed your competitors had better reviews so I went there instead…”  Is this, possibly why you don’t get calls when you advertise? Every time you run an Ad on Google, then other listings always come up under your advert, and if they look like a better, safer, or more trustworthy option than you do, then guess who gets the click… Them, even though you might have paid for the Ad.

Your online reputation is more important than anything else. Our premium members get access to free reputation reports, they get access to discounted reputation management services, they get access to discounted reputation video marketing services, plus they get access to other marketing services such as premium listings, discounted display advertising, and much more…

Click on the pricing section to see the various offers available to you, we hope to see you on the inside where we can assist you further, or feel free to register your business with a free listing if you are not yet ready to join our premium service.

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